If at least one of those words resonates with you, we should be best friends. Having such skin type, we deal with all sorts of issues all day, every day. I mean, shiny face and mean breakouts? Such buzz kills.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


Being a professional freelance makeup artist for three years, I’ve come face-to-face (literally) with many individuals with skin issues. From blackheads to blotches, I’ve seen it all. And having oily, acne prone skin myself, I’ve spent the past decade refining my skin care routine and honing in on the best tips and tricks that works for my skin type.

My job allows me to share this knowledge and try different methods and tricks on my clients as well. Now, I’d like to make those information available to you, help take some of that frustration away.

Growing up with acne made me very insecure and makeup has been my go-to easy fix. I only learned the importance of skin care when I realised that healthy skin is the foundation of beautiful make-up. Skin first, makeup second. This is why I always emphasize to my clients that they should always remove their makeup thoroughly. I wished that I had learned it earlier on and saved myself lots of time, money and energy. I mean, hello? Mattifying skin primer is genius.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been an avid reader of blogs and have spent an embarrassing number of hours on YouTube learning about the world of skin care and makeup. Working as a full-time chemical engineer, learning about makeup was my escape. It’s a world that makes more sense to me. I enrolled into a makeup school and put all of my self-taught skills to the test, and learning some more.

Learning to take care of my skin and the effective makeup tricks for oily, acne prone skin, changed my life. Now I want to do the same for you, which is why I started my blog – www.elisabellaa.com.

Makeup melting down your face and have a layer of sebum on your cellphone? No worries, I’m here for you!


My name is Elisa and I am the author and founder of elisabellaa. I started this blog to account my journey in pursuing my passion in beauty and make-up and also to share the little knowledge I have with the world.

I am a freelance make-up artist trained by the brightest talents in the industry. Working closely with MAC Cosmetics have opened up many opportunities for me. I was blessed enough to be involved in some large-scale events like the Boobalicious Ball, StyleAide and Perth Fashion Festival. I have also been involved with fashion photoshoots that was published in magazines like Oyster Mag and Auxiliary Magazine NY.

I am a freelance beauty consultant. I help individuals (Yes, I have male clients as well 😉 ) in all matters beauty related like skincare and make-up. I help them learn about their skin and how to choose products suitable for their skin type and skin tone.


I love the art of make-up and beauty because it knows no language, race, gender and age barrier. No one person has the exact same features as another person which makes every new person I work with, a new experience.


Welcome to elisabellaa – a blog about beauty, make-up & lifestyle.\

19 July 2015

Beautiful Skin Starts NOW

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