Oily Skin Solutions: A Series

People with oily skin have a smaller tendency to develop wrinkles compared to dry skin.

I believe I read that somewhere and it makes sense!

Although the greasiness can be offputting sometimes, it is these natural oils that delay the signs of aging.

So apparently, having oily skin isn’t all bad. Just that us oily skin peeps produce more oils than we really need.

Thankfully for us, there are products and remedies that can help us reduce the shine and have our skin work to our advantage. Unfortunately, nothing is going to completely change our skin type (expect perhaps the change in environment/climate and internal bodily changes). But we can, improve the situation.

As such, I am going to start a series –


where I will bring to you products, home remedies, DIYs, etc that I have found to hopefully make life a little easier for us oily skin peeps.

Because let’s face it, makeup melting down our faces – not cute. And admittedly, we all would rather be able to get off our phones without leaving a layer of grease on it.

Stay tuned! ❤


Skin Care: Winter Revamp

In the winter time, our skin tends to do an overhaul and suddenly, none of our holy grail products that we have been using all summer long works anymore. As the season changes, the needs of our skin may change as well. And this means, changing out products to suit what your skin needs.

I’m a big advocate for simplified but effective skin care routine. It helps to save time (and money!) but still helps to maintain healthy skin.

Here a few tips for Winter skin care overhauls –


Chances are, the cleanser that you are currently using can still be used. My Winter trick is to reduce the number of washes. I only wash my face with cleanser at the end of the day. In the mornings when I wake up, I would just use a cotton pad and cleansing water. This works best for me. You can also opt for a wet washcloth in the mornings to just rub down any residue on the skin accumulated throughout the night.

Don’t forget to still exfoliate once a week. Maybe once in 2 weeks if your skin is a little sensitive in the winter time.

Recommendation – Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser | Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water


Moisture level in the air tends to be lower during the colder months and this means that our skin tend to lose moisture too. Drinking loads of water helps but our skin will appreciate a little more help. Swap to a richer moisturiser, especially at night time. Now oily skin beauties will have to be careful with this. Overly rich moisturisers can clog your pores so opt for something between a light and a rich moisturiser.

I find that using facial oils at night helps to rejuvenate and repair the skin too.

Recommendation – MAC Comfort Cream Moisturiser | Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil Light


There is nothing like kicking your legs up with a cup of tea and your favourite face mask on while scrolling through Instagram. If switching our your moisturiser is a bit much for you to handle, a moisturising face mask a few times a week will do you wonders. There is so many in the market now. My favourite, are sheet masks. They are popular in the Asian cosmetic scene and slowly making its way through to the western market. They are so easy to apply and removing them is mess-free. Each time I pull off a sheet mask, my skin feels like it has been reborn.

Recommendation – My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks


The best thing about seasonal changes? Summer will come again, and the products you tuck away in the winter can come out and see the sun again!

PicMonkey Collage

The Power of Makeup

Working as a makeup artist, I experience first hand people’s reaction to the power of makeup. The physical transformation is more often than not, the most obvious. However, what I also see is how it makes the wearer feel about themselves. Makeup, like a lot of things, is not permanent. Neither is youth nor external beauty.

Makeup is able to transform a person from the outside in. It can change a person. Give them the confidence they didn’t know they have.

PicMonkey Collage 1

Sadly, there is so much negativity surrounding makeup these days, especially with the perception of why one wears them. More and more posts appear on social media that relates wearing makeup to deception and denial i.e. to deceive others and in denial of oneself.

I happen to think that the people who post such things are the ones who are shallow and ignorant.

There is so much more to a person than their physical appearances. Just because I have problematic skin, doesn’t make my personality problematic as well. And just because I’m wearing makeup to cover the flaws on my skin, it doesn’t mean that I am hiding an ugly personality. I’m merely choosing to put my best face forward.

It is very much like applying for a job. You submit your resume that is chokers with good qualities to prove why you should be hired. You present the good things to stand out. But just because you don’t outline your less than perfect qualities, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist within you. You simply want people to know, out of everything that makes you you, these are the good that you can give to them.

Like everything else in life, you take the bad with the good. It’s the balance of the universe.

PicMonkey Collage 2

I personally feel offended when girls are criticized for wearing makeup – especially when most girls wear makeup for themselves. They are not trying to prove anything. Probably other than that she can master the winged liner like a pro. And let me tell ya, that is something to be proud of. I can never understand why a girl putting on makeup is offensive to some.

In my opinion, makeup is part of an outfit. Like how boys take pride in grooming their hair, us girls are just more fortunate to have more to have fun with. And that’s what makeup is – it’s fun. It knows no age, race or skin colour. Or even gender.


My makeup journey is no different from the other girls. I use makeup to enhance my features. Especially on days where I’m not feeling 100%, wearing makeup makes me feel better. Having acne problems since my teenage years have made me very insecure about my appearance. I was not born with good skin but with makeup, I can have that, even if it’s only for a few hours.

PicMonkey Collage

As I grew older, I realised that my appearance doesn’t change how people perceive me. And those who judge me by my appearance probably don’t deserve to be in my life anyway. So I’m not bothered if they don’t stick around. And I will continue to put my best face forward for those that matter. But most of all, for myself. So all of you who think wearing makeup is shallow and purely for deception – build a bridge.

On this topic, I think Nikkie nailed it in her recent video – The Power of Makeup. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is amazing.



Photoshoot: Zahwah

Happy 1st of March. 2015 have been rather hectic. The makeup artistry front have been rather quiet due to my recent trips and work commitments but it will be picking up again soon now that all my planned holidays are over and some other life things have begun to settle down.

I present to you today the final product of a photoshoot I was a part of not that long ago.

Model | Yasmin Walter

Photographer | Vanessa Gurung

Makeup | Elisa Khoo

Hair | Madison Stabler

Stylist | Georgia Taylor

Assistant | Chris Paoliello


2 Products in 2 Minutes in the AM

I rarely ever do elaborate make up for work in the mornings. Mainly because i prefer to sleeping in for an extra 40 minutes, inhale my breakfast and then sprint out the door, grabbing my lunch on the way out. Every morning.

But that’s no excuse to show up at work looking like death – refer left side of picture below –


Right side is a little more acceptable and all it takes is 2 products and 2 minutes.


These two have been my most loyal companion since the new year and they are honestly all I need to go from looking like a trainwreck to human.




Face Of Australia (FOA) HD Brow Kit is one of the best things I discovered at Priceline’s 40% off makeup and cosmetics sale. The kit comes with 2 shades of brown that are just the right balance between warm and cool tones. I can reshape my brows with them without looking like I deliberately manipulated them. It also comes with a brown wax to set the brows in place. This kit is brilliant to keep in my purse because it come with a tiny angled brush which I also use as an eyeliner brush using the same palette to define my eyes. One kit, two uses.

I have never used MAC Select Cover-Up concealer on myself until recently. I’ve had it in my pro kit for ages but never thought about using it for myself.

I was in a bind over Christmas and decided to just squeeze a tiny bit for myself. Holy mother of concealers.  I may have just found THE concealer for oily skin because this thing wouldn’t budge. I have countless acne scars on my face and even so, I only need the tiniest amount because a little goes an extremely long way. Just make sure to blend and you’re golden. So I went to buy a new tube for myself and it’s been following me around ever since.

So no more looking like I just rolled out of bed! All it takes – 2 products, 2 minutes.

Beauty Resolutions for 2015

I’m not normally one for New Year resolutions. I just set goals and try to make it happen. And I keep setting goals along the way in order to keep motivated. Perhaps because like most people, I feel the hype and motivation during this time of the year and it slowly fizzles out throughout the year. And come December, we all scramble through the list, frantic at the nothingness we’ve accomplished all year. Doesn’t sound familiar? Just me? Okay…

Having said all that though, I think it is a good idea to have Beauty Resolutions as they’re more…achievable hahaha. I kid, I do have goals/resolutions that I would like to achieve for myself in 2015 but I will keep this simple and beauty related.

I’ve only come up with a few so far. I’ll add more to the list as I think of more but for now, here are some –


1. Finish up all the products in my beauty pantry.

I may not have a room dedicated to all my make up and skin care and beauty stuff but I sure have a hoard of products. To date, I have at least 5 IKEA shelf cubes piled with products. And I never seem to get through them because I keep getting new ones and forgetting about the old ones. So this year, I will endeavour to use up all of them before buying new ones.

Even on my recent trip to Bali, I brought sample sachets of skin care so I can use them up. I would normally just decant my regular skin care into travel packs. But nope! Resolutions in actions, I’m going to finish all my hoarded products!

I’ve even cancelled my subscription to Bellabox to aid this resolution! So much so that I missed out on the 6-day Teatox by Skinnymint in the January box. Sacrifices have been made.


2. No more crazy ass hair cut and hair colour.

The past two years have definitely been my adventurous year, hair-wise. I went from bob cut, to assymetrical bob to bowl cut to pixie cut to purple hair to bleached pink. You name it. As a result, my hair is completely fried and extremely unhealthy.

So I’ve been making a conscious effort to take care of my hair properly. My routine lately consists of a wash on alternate days, dry shampoo on no-wash-days, L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil in my hair daily and deep conditioner at least 2 times a week.

So far, my hair looks like it’s making a turn around. Although they do have their bad days, but as a whole, it’s a lot softer and less tangly.

So no more hair-stunts. For a year.


3. Load up on sleep and water.

I’m a nortorious night-owl and I don’t drink nearly enough water. I still need to be nagged to go to bed and to drink my water. I’m a child.

I believe that the health of my skin and hair will improve if I improve my sleeping habits and increase my water intake. This is by far the toughest challenge yet. I actually started this effort well into 2014 but I’m still struggling with it. I even bought myself a nice little Brita filter tumbler to motivate myself to drink more water and bought expensive, quality sheets to lure myself to bed.  But uh, I’m working on it hahaha.

So simple but one of the most challenging, I think.


4. Regularly wash my brushes!

Let me first say that I am referring to my own personal brushes. My make-up kit brushes gets washed between clients. Must out a disclaimer lol.

When I used to do my makeup every day for work, it’s tough to wash my brushes everyday so I will just spot clean them and then do a deep clean when I get the time. Sometimes I’m good. I’ll do it every week or every 2 weeks. Not the best but still good!

I haven’t deep cleaned my brushes since November. Please don’t judge me.

In my defense, I haven’t been wearing much makeup at all on a day-to-day basis, even to work. I only use concealer which I apply with my fingers and mascara. And eyebrows, I use a pencil.

But yes, they’re due for a wash and I will endeavour to wash them more regularly.


5. Exercise more!

I do do my occasional sweat out but I don’t do it consistently enough. I personally believe that working out will improve not only my overall health but also the quality of my skin. But I don’t do enough of it.

Exercising will improve my overall blood circulation around my body, not only making me healthier but also boost the cell renewal on my skin. Don’t quote me on this, I’m just going by what I currently know and believe.


Welp, that’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure there will be more that I will think of later when my head touches my pillow but I will update when it happens. What are your resolutions for 2015?

EDITORIAL – Steam Punk Avant Garde


Awhile ago I was involved in a photoshoot with a few other talents. I’ve always had a thing for editorial work because of the creativity freedom that comes with it.

When I was contacted to take part in this editorial, I was immediately keen. I have been doing bridal for awhile and was looking forward to something different. It was a blank canvas.

The theme was Avant Garde and what comes to my mind is sultry, mysterious, alter-ego-esque. I didn’t have much time to prepare so I pinned the crap out of Pinterest. And because I don’t have my own resource to a model for practice, I used my own face.

Shoot Day

We shot at Chris Huzzards Studio in Perth CBD. The weather was extremely hot that day and the studio only had fans. I had to have the light on for make up which added to the heat. I must’ve sweated buckets but I didn’t notice it until after I finished. It’s true what they say – when you are in the zone, nothing else exists.

Hair and Makeup started at 12pm and we had the studio for only a couple of hours so everything was chop-chop! Thankfully I was only in charge of makeup. I wouldn’t have been able to cope if I had to do hair too.


I didn’t manage any BTS photos. I had to pack up and by the time I was done, I was exhausted! But it was very cool to watch. The accessories were very intricate and cool, it brings a new definition to the theme of the shoot. I was very impressed. It awes me how incredibly creative people are. Blows me away.

Post shoot

The shoot happened several months ago and it is quite normal to have to wait awhile before we can publish photos to our social media, especially if it were to be a magazine submission.

Our photographer, Vanessa of Koris Photography had relocated in that time so it was awhile until we got things rolling after the shoot. Everything turned out brilliantly. I was incredibly happy with the pictures and some of the shots were featured in a NY online magazine – Auxiliary Magazine.

Anyway, here are the final prints.

And of course the credits –

MUA – Yours truly
Hair – Shelley Meyer
Photographer – Vanessa Gurung
Stylists – Claire Taylor & Lillie Jean
Model – Melissa Sullivan & Stephanie Simpson

Click on the photos to view larger images. Enjoy and please feel free to give me feedback :)


Ressurection & Maybelline

Hello all! It has been a long hiatus on both my blog and my channel. In all honesty, I have spent my time trying to restructure and refocus my business and my goals for it. I wish I can say that it resulted in very much success but, journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, right? It will be a long and hard journey. I am in no hurry because I want to do this right.

I have made small changes in the past month in relation to my services but they are all to gear towards something much bigger in the future. I have reduced my services to make-up only, but I am still taking in requests for both hair and make-up. I will be specialising in make-up services only and will engage provide a different artist to cover hairstyling. So I will still be able to provide both services, only that I will be outsourcing one of them. It is so that I can focus on growing my skills in make-up, which is the are that I am truly passionate in.

I haven’t written anything in a long while so this is starting off a little awkward but I am hoping that I will get back into the swing of things soon.

To keep things relevant, I am featuring a make-up look that I have recently done for a Maybelline contest. I didn’t submit my application in the end because I wasn’t able to commit to the resulting assignment. So to be fair to all other entries, I decided to withhold mine. This look is created with mostly Maybelline products, including their latest SuperStay Better Skin foundation. I hope you like it and a tutorial will be coming soon! ❤

May Favourites! ft New Favourite Toner, Face Oil, Lip Balms & Eyeshadow Palettes!

Yep, we have reached the end of another month! Where did time go?! I have gathered quite a few favourites this month and they’re all goodies too! I hope you enjoy them. If you do, don’t forget to subscribe! I will truly appreciate the support :)

Back to talking about favourites, I’ve gone back to using a toner in my skin care routine and it has done my skin wonders. I haven’t used a toner for a good 1 year now I think, so I went shopping for one. The girl at Chanel was most helpful and match-made me to their Fresh Mattifying Toner which I believe have helped me with the congestion on my skin.

I’ve also had a new-found love for face oils – the Clarins Face Treatment Oil in particular is my favourite. The smell is quite nostalgic because it reminds me of the one that my mum used to use when I was much younger. So every time I use it, I take a very deep breath and take in the scent.

My favourite of all the favourites have got to be the NYX brow palette and Australis Tint My Brow combo. I’m usually not a fan of the bold brow but a combo of these two and using Tint My Brow rather sparingly, ultimate goodness. Gives the most polished finish.

Anyway, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking!


CHANEL Fresh Mattifying Toner
CLARINS Face Treatment Oil for Oily & Combination Skin
PHILOSOPHY Matte-ness Pore Eraser
NYX Brow Palette in Brunette
Australis Tint My Brow in Dark Brown
REVLON Tinted Lip Balm in the Balm Stain, Laquer Balm & Matte Balm formulas
ChiChiCosmetics Glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes in Classics, Oasis & Bronzes




NYX Finishing Spray Matte Finish

Matte skin is probably something I covet the most. I think most girls with oily skin would covet matte looking skin more than anything because that ‘glow’ comes too generously to us.

When NYX finally came to Australia, the first thing I grabbed was their very last finishing spray in the matte finish. And the rest was history. I have been using NYX Finishing Spray in the Matte Finish for quite some time. In fact, I have gone through several bottles. FOUR to be exact. And I have spares and even carry one around with me in my handbag. Yes, that is how much I love it.

The only other mattifying finishing spray that I’ve tried is the one from Urban Decay called De-Slick. It is much pricier and much harder to get a hold of. In those aspects alone, NYX is a clear winner. But in all fairness though, I did give the Urban Decay a fair go but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to it’s hype. Not for me at least. But I digress. Back to NYX!

Now I’ve come to accept that a lot of products eventually reaches its plateau in a very short time. Which is what happened to De-Slick. But NYX seemed to have been going strong for me. On days where I forget to spritz this on my face before heading out the door, shine surfaces on my skin much earlier than on days that I do spritz. Coincidence? I think not.

It does not leave my skin feeling taut but helps my foundation set onto my skin much better and makes the finish smoother. My foundation seems to stay on much longer as well and doesn’t cake up as easily. It’s not ultra-mattifying in that it still allows minimal shine through that makes the skin look glowy as opposed to shiny as the day wears on. And I really enjoy that too.

It did worry me that if the oil doesn’t surface through my pores, then it must be stuck in my pores and will eventually break me out. But months into using it, not breaking out just yet. So I can’t find a thing to complain about this finishing spray. All thumbs up.

I don’t know what chemistry goes into that little bottle. I am intrigued to find out but suffice to say now that it really works. If you have oily skin, consider no more, go get one. And if you know someone who would benefit from this little bottle of wonder, share this article with them! Let’s spread the good stuff around!