EAT CLEAN TEA #SummerOfMatcha Recipes


Matcha is my mantra. It solves everything. Bad day? Matcha. Hangover? Matcha. Unicorn? Matcha. As a part of Eat Clean Tea’s #SummerOfMatcha campaign, I’ve come up with a couple of recipes that incorporates – you’ve guessed it! MATCHA. (Although it’s Summer right now here in Perth, but let’s just pretend!) I’m sure there are many yummy…

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Olive skin care range originates from the Simunovich Estate in New Zealand. For generations, the estate prides itself in producing the finest quality of extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract. These products form the basis for their new natural skin care range – Olive. Olive have been around in New Zealand for quite some…

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Exfoliation Basics – Skin Care


WHY EXFOLIATE? Our skin cells constantly renews itself as part of its natural processes. Skin cells are shed from the uppermost layer of the skin to reveal the new, healthy cells underneath. This happensin an average cycle of 50 days. Factors such as environmental and seasonal changes, dietary effects, hormonal imbalances and even aging can…

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The Red Lip – My Chosen One


The red lip is a classic, statement lip. It livens up more than just the complexion, but also the confidence and spirit. When I wear a red lip, I like to keep everything else fairly simple – medium to full coverage foundation for a polished look, mascara to accentuate the lashes and thin sweep of…

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